Non-human Sentients are granted “Person” status

By Rowan Leamy, Qualia & BioGen-stuff Bureau Chief

Last Updated: January 17, 2111 9:41am

MEDICINE HAT – The North American Federal Government Monday tabled a series of new rules aimed to alleviate the growing issues related to lab created sentience, and to make life easier for the artificial and synthetic life forms who have been advocating for changes over the last three decades.

People Affairs Minister Kentic Flaherty is changing the legal definition of person to now include beings and life forms created in either a standard home laboratory, or beings and life forms who after having been created, have reproduced on their own through either natural or assisted means. These changes would further the changes made only six years ago to the Persons Act which established the legal recognition of the state of person-hood to sentient non-humans such as Dolphins, Elephants, and the now thriving species of Chinchilla whose plight at the time earned them system wide sympathy and assistance.

“Most Citizens are quite mindful of their created sentient friends, their needs, their desires, so this final legal act makes the needs of created beings as important to the state and society as those of us who take these sorts of things for granted.” Flaherty said. “The contributions to the betterment of the well being from synthetic sentience these last thirty two years has been enormous. Nobody can forget the Vegas rescue led by Brantic Dye in 2097, or the quantum gravity proofs created by Mikael Lane that finally defined gravity as the quantum inertia of time we knew for so long it was. To think these great achievements, and countless others, happened in a personal legal limbo is amazing. Their lives were like those who lived back in the Digital Consolidation era of a 100 years ago; without voice, without rights.”

The Created Beings Collective praised Flaherty’s moves. Francine Techar, the TCBC’s president of synthetic and created lives committee, called them “prudent, measured, responsible and timely.”

“The changes announced by the minister should sit well with most humans.” she said.

Until today the key tool the North American Federal Government used to assist created beings and their offspring was the Fluid Properties Act, which made the beings the responsibility of their creators, essentially making them chattel. Problems quickly developed as these beings began to have children, whose status as chattel was challenged almost immediately by groups as varied as the Red Front Women’s cartel, the Revisionist Society of Rome, and most influentially by the Western Asian Economic Group. As well, the creators of these beings found themselves in the impossible position of being responsible for a growing number of individuals, most of whom no longer resided in their residence. The Jury caste has been quite lenient when faced with issues involving created beings, their owners, and third parties, but they were also quite strongly vocal in their assertion that these issues should be addressed in government circles.

“We always try to strike that balance,” Flaherty stated “that we continue to have personal and civic responsibility while still remembering that people no longer have to be human. The well being must always be served, and to include the created among us serves that goal.”