Of boats and boredom.

Island residents concerned by ferry hikes

Please forgive me B.C., but this apathetic faux outrage angers me to no end. I cannot help but wonder what the hell British Columbians thought was going to happen when the virtual keys to the entire region’s economy were handed over to a private business. Did they think that the new management of B.C. Ferries was not going to attempt to raise fares at each and every opportunity presented to them by law? Did you all imagine that there existed some sort of economic mulligan that allows we islanders to be exempt from the fact a corporation’s primary function is to increase it’s bottom line?

I mean come on.

I did not live on the island when the people of B.C. allowed it’s crown jewel to be handed over to private concerns, apparently without even the beginnings of a riot in Victoria. When it was explained to me what B.C. Ferries was, and then what it had become, I knew with a devastating certainty I had not moved to Harvard. Either the citizens had been lied to outright, which would mean they would perhaps be entitled to rescind the action through legal means, or they were simply too apathetic to care.

Based on the progress of the non-existent lawsuit, I am forced to conclude apathy ruled the day.

So, what to do. Shall we demand the government nationalize the entire ferry system at a huge cost to North America’s 2nd highest taxed citizens? It does have the advantage of costing more money than can be printed in an eon, but rich people will suffer too, so let’s do something else.

Why not stop bitching and accept you just aren’t smart enough to handle this sort of decision. We’ll just let Gordo … I mean Christie … tell us what to do. Sound good? No?

Hmmmm. Well I’m stumped. Both extremes have been considered and both are poor options at best. I guess we will simply need to do this the hard way. Legislate a fair rate increase schedule and force them to stick to it. Review it every decade or so for fairness.

Go on with our lives.

We gave away the farm when we sold the boats. Let’s not pretend we have some sort of right to complain now, OK?


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