Kieran’s new drysuit

That was a long time coming.

Shauna learned many months ago through members of a casting group … a group of parents whose very young children have scoliosis and require casting … that a gentleman in Edmonton bought his son dry suits to allow him to go swimming. He posted video of his son swimming and having a ball, so she decided that Kieran should be allowed the same sort of fun. Not to mention the massive benefits of all that exercise.

Many months later, and a whole lot of saving money, we picked it up a couple of days ago. White’s Diving put it together for us and it’s a real cool piece of work. They were extremely helpful with the process. The suit itself is blue, with black seals. It was built large so he could grow a bit, and based on how it fit him I am guessing he will be swimming in this one for a year at least. At first he wasn’t impressed at all, rubber seals over a young child’s head can be scary I am guessing, but once he was in the water all the trepidations fell away.

We are a swimming family again! 🙂

I am looking forward to this summer when we will take the boat out for a few days and we will let him swim in the ocean with Kelsey. She has a mask, and we can get him one as well, and they might be able to go looking for the weird and wonderful animals that live just a bit off shore.

Until then we are going to be going to the pool as often as our schedule and our budget allows. I have a scuba housing for my camera, so when we do I will take the occasional photograph and post it here.

Yeah Kieran! Yeah Shauna!

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