One week until cast #6

One week until we go to Salt Lake City and Kieran gets cast number six. Coincidentally it’s also one week to Erin’s first birthday!

His last measurement was 50 degrees, so we are hoping that we can take another few degrees off of that. Of course, if he made it all the way to 40 degrees that would just great, eh? 🙂

I will be talking to the doctor about halo traction, which involves bolting a ring to his head and putting his spine in traction for a few months. It sounds medieval, but it works well. Especially if the patient is cast right after. It is used often times as a prelude to surgery. So far the doctor seems hesitant to do it with Kieran, but considering the time and commitment involved that’s not too surprising. We’ll have to wait and see.

Kieran is looking healthy and fit, if not a little bored because mom and dad are a bit busy getting ready for Shauna’s return to work, so that’s a big bonus. Seven days and counting…

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