The dash to SeaTac…

I am learning that when you cross the Canada/US border, although they are generally more polite at ground crossings, they are not nearly as fast. I was worried about the time on the drive to the airport already, and when I saw the line of cars ahead of me I just about fell over. Shauna said it was about four or five hours to SeaTac, and here I was crossing the border only four hours before the plane left. For me that’s cutting it way too close. So creative driving 101 happened today.

If any of you were passed by a small green Mazda minivan doing about 130Km/h on highway 5 south … yeah, I know.

Just to add a bit of pepper to my already fricasseed chicken casserole of a mental state, I noticed just three cars away from the border agents kiosk that I had packed my old and very EXPIRED passport. This should go over well I thought. Middle aged male taking sleeping child into the U.S. in a van not even registered in his name. Oh boy, I get shivers just thinking of the fun. So I decided that the best course of action was to go blonde, and blonde I went. I knew nothing, as I handed the passport over with the confidence of a guy who printed it himself, and as I drove away just four minutes later at that ever increasing velocity I just mentioned, I wondered how on earth the guy was able to examine the thing so closely and miss it had expired fully 2 years ago.

My only answer was he didn’t. He knew. All I can say to that is thanks.

As for the TSA agent at SeaTac who also overlooked the thing…

I continue to find it difficult to hate Americans as I am supposed to. Their government? Oh yeah, hate away, but the people? Nope. They have always been nothing but decent to me, and today I am pretty sure two totally unrelated Federal security agents allowed an expired passport into their juristiction because they knew I was only getting my kid to the doctor. The border guy would likely have known I had a current passport from his database readout and might have wondered why I had the old one, but the TSA agent had no such data. She made her call on sheer instinct.

What a day.

It is almost an anticlimax to report that Kieran is doing great, he was the picture of the well behaved child the whole day, his cast came off easily and he has no broken skin to interfear with tomorrows cast. I will post pictures when I can get to a system that can read SDHC cards.

Wish Kieran luck tomorrow. Cast number #6.

p.s. This post will only be published AFTER I am safely back in Canada, for obvious reasons.

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