Just starting trouble…

Well, here we are.

I suppose I should say something about the recent election. You know, the one where the Liberals had their asses handed to them, and Quebec did what Quebec does best … take care of itself. But that would be boring. Everyone expects it, and frankly I am too busy to really get all that exited about something I said was going to happen almost two months ago.

Instead I am going to post a couple of pictures, and I am going to make a little fun. If I am lucky I will start one of those annoying Internet memes. Otherwise, I am just being trouble. Sorry. 🙂

Here goes.

The Liberals. Their recent thumping in the election has left them without a leader. The one they had, the American professor who was not in it for himself, quit the day after he lost. Because of this they have been trying to talk Justin Trudeau into leading their party. As we all know, everyones child is always as brilliant as their parents, right? Since his father was a playboy politician in the 70’s who was able to convince Canadians they should mortgage their children’s futures for… for … for what exactly I am not sure, but come on, he was really, really popular. It follows that taking his son, raised wealthy and narcissist, and putting him in charge of one of Canada’s oldest surviving political parties should fix everything, right? The economy? Fixed. Corporate control of everything? Fixed. CRTC? Fixed. Cost of living, cost of housing, cost of food, cost of clothing too high? He will fix that too I imagine. With a pedigree like his he should be able to do it in JUST ONE WEEK!

Hmmmm. Where have I heard that before?

I present to you Justin Trudeau’s political future. Justin, meet your long lost brother, Not Sure.

Idiocracy's hero, Not Sure.

Will I lead the Liberals? I am Not Sure.

Tell me you can’t see it.

If this is the best the Liberals can do, then the party is doomed. It doesn’t take a talent for seeing cultural/societal patterns or an insight into mankind’s heart that can carve through wood. If they put him in charge they are done. The CBC can continue to groom him till the cows come home, they are going to be doing nothing more than setting up the largest and most public assisted suicide in Canadian history.

One does not progress into the future by looking backwards into the past.

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