Change of tactic time.

I am starting to get the first real feedback from my campaigning and it seems reasonably clear. When I speak with people in person they are generally quite impressed with my message, but when they look at my writing they are more mixed. Many read it through and understood exactly where I was going, but many more thought it was vague … if they read it at all. I am hearing that they simply want me to explain why I want to be President, my qualifications, and what I plan on doing.

So that’s what I will do.

I have three more articles nearly completed, and I will finish them in short order. They will go here, but they will no longer be printed in quantity and distributed as I was planning. Before that though I am going to take the summary sentence from each one and put them together as a single point form list. Then I will outline my political and business skills, organizational experience, and whatever else I feel would be helpfull, and that too will be point formed. Then I will outline why I want the job, and I will be sure to include the specific things I plan on doing differently.

Then I will take that whole mess and cut it in half. That’s what I will post in the garages for Tuesday morning.

In the meantime I am also getting word that a lot of people like what they have heard so far via word of mouth … I have some boosters it seems:-) … but they don’t know who I am. In other words, they are saying they want to see a picture of me. So I am going to take a shot we took yesterday and make a background image out of it for the two Linux systems I administer … one in each garage. The image will have a “Michael Leamy for President” message on it. Then I am going to take that same image and make about a dozen copies, each with a different message about why I am running, what I represent, where I plan on taking the union, etc, etc, etc. These will be used to create a slideshow screen saver. The effect I am hoping for is my image will be forever in the view of the staff in the lunchroom, and the message will change as the screen saver cycles.

… and I need to find more time to get into the garages and talk to people. I am finding that I am having good dialogues, but my lack of time … kids, work, sleep … is going to be my largest hurdle I suspect.

Anyway, it’s late, I am exhausted, and I have work to do. To those of you who are supporting me and my goal to become the President of local 333 Thank you. I truly appreciate it.  And for those of you who are still on the fence, I am working hard to make sure you get the easy to digest information you need so you can make the call you feel comfortable with come election day.

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