Monthly Archives: June 2011

Projects in the works…

I have been strangely silent lately, at least blogwise, so I thought I had better keep up with the responsibility and get some type on the screen. In reality I have been doing more writing than normal, but it’s not anything we’ll see here anytime soon. I am working on a project that … for want of a better name for it … I am calling a book. It’s based on an idea that occurred to me while having one of my many 40 lbs conversations on life, the universe and everything with Shauna. The premise is simple;

What would happen if an environmentalist zealot were to have the resources of a Mark Zuckerberg?

I am not saying anything else, mostly because although the destination is ripe and ready to pick, the path that leads to the ladder that allows me to climb the tree is not yet chosen. The small bits I have written are more than a bit rough. Go figure. As usual I am writing in my favourite format …. as a series of journal entries … with some modernizations thrown in for good measure. I am thinking I will need to read Bram Stoker to make sure I use the format in a way that’s a bit more eloquent than I currently do. Of course, all imperfections on my part are actually stylistic devices, not errors.

What else am I up to?

I am working to get my thoughts organized in regards to my participation in C.A.W. local 333. I have a lot of goals that will need the support of the members, and that means a lot of thought on my part to make sure they are stated in a manner clear enough to get that support. The best ideas are often lost or destroyed because the person who is having them can’t be bothered to present them in a reasonable and easy to understand fashion. I would prefer not to make that mistake.

What else?

BBQ season is upon us, and Shauna and I have vacation time coming! We want to have a few get togethers with friends, so finding the cash to do that will be fun. We also want to do a few dives, so we’ll need to budget that in there as well. Our yard needs work … more vacation time gone … and finally I am off to Salt Lake City with Kieran for his 7th cast.

Being busy is fun!

I should probably end it here, otherwise I am likely to start going on about Nokia releasing the N9. I don’t care how much Elop says Meego is dead, I will own that phone … and if in two years I have to program it’s apps myself I will bloody well do it. Elop is building an international reputation for Canadian CEO’s … as vultures who are happy to strip mine a profitable company for personal gain. I’ll put something in the technology category to explain later.

What a way to sign off. 🙂