Monthly Archives: July 2011

Motion to post motions

Hello all, it’s been a while. The summer has been busy and productive, and here’s a bit of that productivity.


Regarding motions submitted for review to the executive of CAW local 333. In an effort to;

a) Increase the openness of the executive for the members,
b) Improve the member participation in union activities,
c) Improve the ability of members to research prior motions,

I move that;

i) All motions submitted for review to the executive shall be posted in a binder freely available for review by all members of CAW local 333 at each of the transit garages. They shall be posted to the binder within (7) seven days after the first union meeting following it’s submission to the executive.

ii) All motions that are allowed by the executive to go to vote shall have the result of the vote posted with the motion in the binder, along with a thorough outline of the course of action (as applicable) that will be taken to put the accepted motion into practice.

iii) All motions deemed OUT OF ORDER by the executive, and therefore not permitted to go to vote, shall be accompanied by a thorough reasoning behind the decision. Any documents, or portions thereof, cited as cause which are not readily available to the members shall have the relevant portions addended.