Motion to read the contract

Hello everyone, I’ll be brief because I need to get to work. I sent the following to our executive for inclusion in the September meeting. I will comment more on it later.


In order to give the members of C.A.W. local 333 their legal right to read their contract before they ratify it, I move that;

i) Fourteen (14) days prior to the ratification vote, all members of C.A.W. local 333 will have made available to them a copy (paper or PDF) of the contract to be voted upon, including all changes/additions/subtractions highlighted in their proper context. In order to save on printing costs, a limited distribution of paper copies numbering no less than twenty (20) will be made available at each garage for viewing while on-site, or preferably they can be downloaded (as a PDF file) from the website for printing/viewing at the members leisure.

 ii) In the event the contract is not ratified, all subsequent ratification votes will be carried out exactly as specified in section i), excepting that the time period will be reduced to three (3) days.

 iii) In the event of a job action that causes a work stoppage such as a strike or a lock-out, whether or not the contract has been voted upon previously, the section ii) time period will apply.

 iv) In the event parties outside of the C.A.W. local 333 membership take any actions, impose any sanctions, act to interfere with this policy or otherwise cause this policy to be circumvented, then the executive of C.A.W. local 333 will be obliged to end collective bargaining until such times as an environment that respects the legal right of the members to view their contract can be restored.

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