Cast number 7.

It’s 10:00pm the night before we fly out and Kieran is on his way to cast number 7. I feel like one of those guys at the casino … Big numbers! Big numbers! Big numbers!

There are a few people that Shauna would have liked to have met who will be in Salt Lake City the same time as Kieran and myself, so I will need to be quick with the camera. As for me, I am going to be doing my thing as Kieran’s personal trainer. I get one chance every three months to exercise him without a cast, so I am not going to miss my shot! 🙂 When they put number 7 on, they’ll have the most flexible spine they’ve ever seen to work with.

That sounds odd. Oh well.

Wish us luck, and as usual I’ll keep the news coming as I get it.

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