This is a draft to explore the ideas for the novel “The Shape of Water”. It will not be included towards the word count of Nanowrimo.


May 16, 2021.

I am so tired. I finished the design for the study but I still need to get the data right. I can’t find the volumes from 1995 till 2005, a whole decade, and without them I will not be able to conclude a trend, if one exists, accurately.

Whatever, it will happen soon enough.

Marj called again … and she seemed angry … again. I wish I could understand why she gets so upset with me when I work. I am sure she understands what I am doing, and she knows that the theories we are working on are going to change how we see the world when we are finished, but the work has to happen. Someone has to put in the time, and that’s me. I had the idea, and now I have to get the stuff together and packaged so everyone understands what it is I am doing. It’s no use having an idea you think is a revolution if you lock it away in your head because you can’t demonstrate it clearly. I am starting to think she won’t be here when I am done. I hope she stays, because she is one of the best people with the balance algorithms I have found. I would miss our conversations, especially the ones that end with me getting laid.

I am looking forward to when I can start work on the prototype.

Mom called. I forgot her birthday again. I feel bad, but my head is so full of plans I can’t even remember my name … nevermind family birthdays. We talked for a few minutes while the system churned through the 17th century files. Not much to sort, a couple hundred terabytes at best, but it was pretty rough stuff. I could see that it was fixing a lot of errors while it worked. The report was pretty conclusive though. Two sources are almost certain, and one more looks good enough to follow up on later. Considering activity peaked in the 18th and early 19th centuries, I am hoping that by the end I’ll have twenty solid leads. Mom didn’t care when I told her the result. I guess I can understand.

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