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Just too depressing to finish.

I try to stay on top of things. Being a middle class working grunt, I have an interest in the stuff that affects my daily life. Taxation, business culture, technology, things that can alter my life in ways I may … or may not … expect.

… here’s one.

The other day the CBC covered a protest in Ontario by the provinces unions. The protest was over a company whose unionized workers are on strike. The company is profitable, but they would like to be MORE profitable. To do that the company has decided to cut it’s unionized staff’s wages by 50%, eliminate their pensions, reduce their benefits greatly, and generally make the job into a minimum wage hell hole.

For those who have been working there for 30 years, that’s a bit hard to take.

Could this have happened pre-Harper? I would be inclined to say yes, although I suspect it would have been a lot harder.

My concern is that this seems to be the way most middle class jobs in North America are going. Reading an article in the New York Times about Apple’s decision to move all of it’s manufacturing to China, you can see the business side of things. They are proud of the fact the decision they made availed to them the benefits of a slave workforce. We must be frank when discussing this, because there can be no other name for it, and that is the direction we are supposed to be heading as workers here in Canada, ostensibly to help our economy grow.

Whose economy?

The whole point of civilization was to create an environment to facilitate the raising of children. Agriculture, animal husbandry, technologies of all descriptions, all have their roots in making life easier for families. A strong family creates a strong society, and a strong society can weather the hardships that nature and life can toss at us. Today however we do not work to benefit our society. We work to benefit the mystery economy. The one whose leaders tell us we should support, through our efforts, if we are to be considered good and decent people.

An economy we derive less and less benefit from every year.

So the question becomes why? Why am I working so hard, depriving myself of my family and depriving them of their father, when I am getting less and less from the effort?

The answer is simple; I don’t know.

And I am not alone.

We are living in times where the wealthiest among us are becoming the target of a great deal of anger, many times well deserved. Our governments are held in the lowest contempt, and again, because of their actions over the last 25 years, very much deserved. Each has been heard to blame various forces, and each of the forces they name is more intractable and untouchable than the last. Nothing can be done, it’s said, it’s the market at work.

And Nike uses slaves to make shoes, and nobody in our government, in our monied class, and especially nobody in our media, ever think to call for sanctions against them.

That must change, or as a society we are doomed.

The race to the bottom is currently consuming the middle class, but it will not stop there. History shows it never does. 


I had to stop there. I am depressing myself too much even thinking about what to say next. No new information, nothing of value to add to our culture or society, just nothing worth reading. We all know this, and putting it down just seems like so much mental masterbation, so it will remain unfinished.

I think I will go look at pictures of puppies instead.