Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Teachers job action has merit.

So the teachers, after a year of trying to reason with Christie and her B.C. Government, gave up. Facing punitive legislation they have hit the streets in an effort to force the government to go to mediation, or ideally arbitration.

It’s about fucking time.

They have been treated as shabbily as every other working class stiff in this province, and the very second they begin the process of trying to change their lot in life IN A MANNER THAT’S VISIBLE TO THE BOSS they are shut down.

Somebody’s ideology needs an ass kicking.

Where is it written that unions must be crushed? Is that the same book that states the middle class is a novelty from WW2, but one which is a particularly good source of easy cash for those willing to join the harvest?

This province has marginalized so much of it’s working class crime is now considered a respectable means to earn a living. The Hell’s, and all of the other gangs they work with, have never had it so good.

Of course the teachers will be forced back to work, and the wealthy will rationalize that action in a way that fits with how they see the world. Next it will be my turn, when the bus drivers are forced to take another 6% to 9% pay cut just for the privileged of getting talked down to by junkies.

Pay cut?

What the fuck did you think “Net Zero” was? A bar band from the 90’s? What do people think is pissing off the teachers? Net Zero means whatever inflation is, that’s your pay cut. Housing went up 200%? Too bad … Net Zero.

Net Zero is how the rich tell poor people to fuck off and die.

Yes, it is.

To the teachers, you have my support, and if you decide to ignore the legislation to go back to work, you will still have it. I will send a file in a cake, and if that doesn’t work I’ll send a blowtorch in a cake.

This government has broken the law dealing with you in the past, and they are showing their contempt of the courts in their ongoing games against you, so don’t feel bad if they tell you “Law & Order” must be maintained.

Just tell the officer to visit the Legislature in Victoria if he really wants to catch the crooks.

When I pass you in my bus, I will honk and wave. On my days off, if you haven’t been legislated back to work yet, myself and my kids will join you.

There is no “S” in unions anymore.