A thought on the rule of law.

Teachers had their contract torn up by this government … by Christie … ten years ago. The teachers took it to court and won, and the governments response … Christie’s response?

Whatever, we’ll do what we want.

They are essentially in contempt of the courts. Groovy.

Now this government is strong arming that same union, and because the teachers refuse to be intimidated?


Monday the teachers are planning a day of action, and I hope they look at the option of walking out of class. When the government refused to obey the law, any argument of protecting the principles of the rule of law in a civil society are null and void. The government is acting in a fashion more fitting to thugs and dictators, and they should get the same level of respect.

Just some thoughts.

Stand by the teachers in this one folks, because soon it will be your turn. History guarrantees it.

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