Letter from Gordon Krumm

Letter from Gordon Krumm in PDF

Dear Rank and File members;

My name is Gordon Krumm and I am one of your elected Trustees. As many of you have heard, a group of concerned Union members launched a recall petition to remove me from my job as Trustee. Some members are concerned I am overzealous in my demands to look at the Local’s expense receipts.

Let me explain why, as your elected Trustee, I want to look at the Local’s expense receipts.

First, many members have approached me about some of the recent expenses. Some members are concerned about the increases in spending. Other members are concerned the membership isn’t getting the correct information. The only way I can accurately report to the membership is to look at the receipts.

Second, some members are concerned there has been financial misconduct. They want to know how often Union Officials are using Union dues for personal expenses: like babysitting. How often Union Officials are coming in on Time Off and getting paid or banking time? The only way I can know if financial misconduct has occurred is to look at the receipts.

Third, it is the Trustees’ responsibility to check the receipts back to the original source. The CAW National’s Handbook, “Duties of the Local Union Financial Secretary and Trustees,” instructs the Trustees to inspect the bank statements, income and expense receipts, and dues collected. Unfortunately, until I was elected Trustee, the Trustees were not following the manual. And since being elected Trustee I have yet to see one receipt. It is my job and every Trustees job to check the receipts.

Please reject the recall petition.

In Solidarity, Gordon Krumm.

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Here is my response to the complaints filed against me.

The local has spent the most money on the last six month audit than in its history due to this trustee unreasonable inquires. At no time did I, Gordon Krumm, ask or demand from the Local Executive an audit be performed by a Chartered Accountant. It was the Local Executives’ decision to hire a Chartered Accountant. All I asked for was the statements and receipts. The Trustees require the statements and receipts to perform an audit as required by the CAW Handbook “Duties of the Local Union Financial Secretary and Trustees”.

This trustee has been given the correct figures for different local expenses and then told members false figures. Please provide me with examples and the names of people who say I have provided them with false figures. I have discussed my concerns about the Trustees reporting at the November 16th General Membership Meeting “Book-Offs were $20,340 for the six months, a decrease of $20,026 over the previous six months.” The CAW Trustees’ Semi-Annual Audit Report states Lost Time/333 Book-Offs $45,221 and Handydart Book-Offs $4,107 for a total of $49,328. Which are a significant increase and the highest total book-offs in six months.

This trustee has been given information on different local expenses and then said he hadn’t received the information. Please provide me with examples. I have yet to see bank statements, expense receipts, cancelled checks, a statement of fixed assets or any other document you would expect a Trustee to check.

This trustee signed off on the trustees report and then changed his mind and puts out literature campaigning members not to support the audit he signed off on. Yes, I did sign off on the trustees’ report. Yes I did change my mind. Yes, I did put out literature asking members not to support the audit. A lesson learned. It was my first Trustees’ report. In the future, I will not sign off on a report unless I have checked the receipts and I will report to the membership why I didn’t sign the Trustees’ report.

This trustee has shared confidential information with the general membership. Please provide me with examples.

This trustee continues to question items that have been deemed acceptable by Professional Certified Charted Accountants and has been accepted by our National. The Local has had the trustees booked off to deal with issues this trustee has brought forward needlessly. Could you please give specific examples of the questions and issues I am allegedly continuing to bring up. The Trustees have met twice since the last elections. You can confirm this with the Chair of the Trustees.

Countless hours of the locals Executives as well as the Nationals time have been wasted on frivolous inquires as well as trying to appease this trustee. Money from our local that is being wasted in the form of book offs and time that our Executive could be doing other things to forward our local. Could you please provide me with examples of frivolous inquires and when National or the Local has felt the need to appease me. I have asked questions about the CAW procedures for Trustees, the CAW constitution and Local expenses. All of my questions pertain to my job as a Trustee.

Now, I have a question for you. Don’t I deserve the courtesy to know who my accusers are?

Signed Gordon Krumm

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