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Time to change the channel a bit, eh?

Man, I do get focused at times.

Yesterday an executive motion to muzzle the members of my local was voted down, and to say that reaffirmed my belief in the members would be an understatement. I was feeling pretty crappy about the whole union affair simply because my efforts were getting repeatedly shot down, in ways that eventually made me fear for my membership. I am now chalking the action that caused me to believe that … the failure of the executive to post two of my motions that were not deemed out of order, against their own bylaws … up to a simple matter of priorities.

The executive really isn’t accustomed to dealing with member motions, so I imagine they are not something they consider very important. My two motion were not posted simply because they were so bloody low on their radar. The fact that in the rest of the world such an action is considered an aggressive display of contempt is irrelevant.

… but the channel. I did say I would change it, yes?

Spearfishing. 🙂 How’s that?

In about an hour I will be making my way into town to look at an old used kayak, which I plan to use for spearfishing. I was even thinking of painting it red with a white stripe, just like a dive flag.

Is that not the very coolest thing ever?

I started to think about spearfishing not long after I took up diving, after I saw the massive mess hook and line fishing was leaving at the Ogden Point breakwater. I have been snared once already, and I cannot count the numbers of sea creatures I have seen snared in abandoned fishing line. I won’t even mention the number of sparks plugs being used as weights, giant lures, rusty hooks and dead fish with line still in their mouths I have seen. I realized pretty fast hook and line was by no means the most ecologically sensitive way to fish, and since I had hoped to one day try fishing on the west coast I felt I had to figure out a better way.


I go under the water. If I am lucky I will spot a fish. I then decide if it is a fish that should be caught. Is it a rockfish? A Ling Cod? Something other? If the fish is not endangered, protected, or otherwise a poor choice I then take the fish cleanly. No long and drawn out fighting. Done properly the fish goes from denizen of the deep to dinner in about two seconds.

No fish caught that should not have been. No equipment left to cause trouble on the reef. Just me, a fish, and that’s it. To say I am feeling more and more connected to the natural rhythms of my new home is an understatement. The fact I get to bring it home to my family where we can share the experience over a truly organic dinner is an even greater thrill.

I can’t wait to get started. I have a lot to learn. 🙂